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Posted by: LoL Solved
Added: Sep 3, 2021 9:31 PM
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  1. Early Game
  3. The first 30 seconds of a game are critical. If you fail to make any significant plays in those 30 seconds, you’re pretty much doomed. This is why, in the first 30 seconds of the game, your champion should be focused on using their signature spell.
  5. You may want to be cautious about picking a champion that relies on a single skill, such as a flash, that may have less impact in those first 30 seconds. This is where you can use mobility spells, such as a flash, teleport or a blind to force the opponent’s tower to be pushed out, in order to create an opportunity for your champion to deal a kill.
  7. It’s also the perfect time to focus on your ability to last hit minions. This way, you’ll get the maximum value from your abilities. Your other spells will be able to follow-up in the coming phase of the game.
  9. Mid Game
  11. Once the first 30 seconds have passed, it’s time to start getting some value out of the spells you’ve learned over time. The Mid Game spells typically fall into one of two categories:
  13. Your best spell, used only when the enemy is doing particularly well.
  15. One of the better spells in your champion’s kit, used regularly.
  17. I believe that your best spell should always be your most impactful ability, since it is usually what defines your champion. For example, if one of your champions can deal huge amounts of damage, the most effective spell would be something like W with a lot of AD.
  19. I also believe that your second best spell should be versatile and able to be used to win a lane, be it through direct damage or crowd control. That said, you may have a champion that simply cannot deal any damage to the opponent’s champion. This is where the second best spell in your champion’s kit comes into play.