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Posted by: Sergio Vazquez II
Added: Mar 23, 2022 3:32 PM
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  1. This is a basic CODE comment that is meant to be PERMANENT.  It is mostly used to describe what a single line or block of code is doing.
  2. Action Items should NEVER be in a basic code comment, and should ALWAYS be tagged with one of the following prefixes:
  3. FN - Function or Method - Title and Description
  4. NOTE - This is more than a code comment, and is something to always keep in mind when touching this code
  5. UPDATE - This is an UPDATE to a previous Note, ToDo or FixMe
  6. TODO - This still needs to be implemented
  7. ALERT - This is NOT broken, but needs to be addressed ASAP
  8. FIXME - This is BROKEN CODE, and needs to get fixed ASAP