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Language: PHP
Posted by: bejoy balan
Added: Nov 25, 2015 5:59 AM
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  5. I agree that the list is subjective, but I suggest the following excellent tools I use every day:
  7. PHPStorm IDE
  8. Magicento Magento IDE Plugin
  9. modman Module Manager to keep each modules source separated
  10. n98-magerun Generic Magento CLI tool
  11. git and github for Version Management
  12. composer and magento-composer-installer for Dependency Management
  13. xdebug PHP Debugger
  14. PHPUnit Unit and Integration Testing
  15. Since your're on OS X: Homebrew For quickly installing missing UNIX tools

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Stas Ustimenko 6 years ago
I like to use Codelobster +Magento plugin: www.codelobster.com/magento.html

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