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Language: PHP
Posted by: Dylan Lopez
Added: Mar 6, 2018 9:20 AM
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  1. $something = $this->input->post('something');
  2. //the methods will check to see if the item is set and return NULL if not. This lets you conveniently use data without having to test whether an item exists first.
  3. //Available methods
  4. //$this->input->post()
  5. //$this->input->get()
  6. //$this->input->cookie()
  7. //$this->input->server()
  8. //$this->input->post(NULL, TRUE); // returns all POST items with XSS filter
  9. //$this->input->post(NULL, FALSE); // returns all POST items without XSS filter
  10. //To return an array of multiple POST parameters, pass all the required keys as an array.
  11. //$this->input->post(array('field1', 'field2'),TRUE); //with XSS filter